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Welcome Taiwan Shoufu University General Education Center

 General Education concept

                          To enhance the spirit of “Diligence”, “Stamina”, Grand” and “Vision” of holisitc education.


General education goals

                          1. Help students to develop the required competency of modern citizenship. 

                          2. Help students to have humanism quality of humanity.

                          3. Help students to develop ability of self-expression and self-learning.

                          4. Help students to develop ability of applying basic knowledge of general education. 



 Basic literacy and core competencies in General Education


basic literacy and core competencies Capacity Index
cored competency of citizenship

1-1 Having cored competency of citizenship 

1-2 Having attitude of politeness and gentleness

Humanistic competency

2-1 Having ability of humanistic care

2-2 Having sympathetic


3-1Having make good use of the expression tools and methods

3-2Having complete transfer of self-concept


4-1Having Self-growth ambition

4-2Having Make good use of learning tools

Application of knowledge of basic subjects

5-1Having ability of logical analysis

5-2Having ability to generalize criticism


Bsic literacy and core coes in General Educationmpetenci 

Core-basic courses

(12 credits required)

Chinese (4 credits)

English (4 credits)

English listening and speaking (4 credits)

  Application of computer and software(2 credits)
Liberal arts courses (Year 1 and 2, 12 credits required) Liberal arts include 3 categories as the following, “Humanism and arts”, “Social science” and “Natural science”. Each category has 3 courses. Students are required to take 2 courses from each category, totally 6 courses (12 credits).

Advanced Liberal arts courses(6 credits optional)

Students are required to take 1 course from each category which are“Humanism and arts”, “Social science” and “Natural science”; each course has 2 credits, totally 3 courses (6 credits).
Practical courses Physical education, military training, service-learning and overall developing and learning passport
Informal courses (Potential courses) Lectures of masters of century, lectures of general education, club activities, moral education, gender equity education, life education, arts, reading and writing books of classic liberal arts and other potential 
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